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School of Veterinary Technology

What kind of jobs?

Pet owners today expect their animals to receive outstanding care, and Vet Techs work side-by-side with veterinarians to give care to animals of all sizes.  Vet Techs record case histories, prepare animals for procedures, prepare samples for examination, perform lab tests, draw blood, take and develop x rays, administer medications, and provide counseling to pet owners.

The need for Vet Techs is expected to increase as more people become pet owners and expect to have advanced health care for their pets, which Vet Techs help to provide.

The vast majority of Vet Techs work in a private clinic or animal hospital. DBU graduates from the School of Veterinary Technology will be fully prepared to launch a new career that has versatility beyond veterinary support. Vet Techs can also explore opportunities in biomedical facilities, diagnostic laboratories, zoos and wildlife facilities, humane societies, the military and more. To explore the possibilities contact DBU today.

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