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School of Human Services

What classes will I take?

DBU offers flexible class schedules to accommodate the busy lives of traditional and non-traditional students alike. We typically find that students enrolling with a course load slightly less than full-time are better equipped to blend their academic life with personal life and/or work demands.

General Education Requirements:
To attain the A.A.S. degree, students are required to earn 30 general education credits in addition to the Program Requirements (below)

Technical Requirements:

Class #      Class Name Credits      Class #      Class Name Credits
BS 110 Business Communications 4 HUS 240 Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services 4
GEN 108 Introduction to Psychology 5 HUS 300 Crisis Intervention & Treatment Approaches 3
GEN 120 Research Methods 5 HUS 320 Human Services Internship 4
HUS 110 Introduction to Human Services 3 PDV 002 Job Readiness   2
HUS 112 Group Dynamics 3 PSY 126 Child and Adolescent Development 5
HUS 114 Multicultural Issues in Human Services 3 PSY 222 Interpersonal Relations 5
HUS 212 Family Dynamics 3 PSY 223 Abnormal Psychology 5
HUS 216 Introduction to Chemical Dependency    3 PSY 316 Psychology of Addictions 3
        Total Credits 60

Note: Students may be required to take COM 001 or MTH 001 based on entrance exam scores and/or skill placement evaluations.

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