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School of Allied Health  Medical Billing and Coding  

What classes will I take?

A.A.S. Degree    |    Diploma

Medical Billing and Coding Diploma Program Requirements

Class # Class Name Credits      Class #    Class Name Credits
CL 111 Computer Concepts I 3 MED 212 Advanced Medical Coding 4
CL 131 MS Office Professional I 3 MED 213 Insurance Billing 4
MED 101 Medical Terminology & Anatomy I 4 PDV 002   Job Readiness 2
MED 102 Medical Terminology & Anatomy II 4       
MED 103 Medical Office Procedures I 4      
MED 110  ICD-9-CM Coding 4      
MED 111 CPT Coding and HCPCS Coding 4      
        Total Credits 36

Note: Students may be required to take COM 001 or MTH 001 based on entrance exam scores and/or skill placement evaluations.


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