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General Education Credits












To attain the A.A.S. degree, students are required to earn 30 general education credits from the following list of courses. A minimum of four credits must be earned in each of the four categories. Remaining credits may be earned in categories of the student’s choice.

To attain a baccalaureate degree, students must be well grounded in the liberal arts. Students pursuing a B.S. degree in Business Management are required to earn a minimum of fifty-five (55) credits from the four liberal arts disciplines listed below, and students pursuing a B.S. degree in Health Care Management are required to earn a minimum of 54 credits. A minimum of six credits must be earned within each discipline. Students must take a minimum of thirty percent of the total credits for the program at the 300 course level.


CM111 Speech Communications 4
CM121 Composition* 4
CM200 Intercultural Communications 4
CM210 Creative Writing 4
CM301 Art of Persuasion 4
GEN101 College Composition* 5
GEN109 Expository Writing 5
GEN120 Research Methods 5
GEN121 Principles of Public Speaking 5

*Either CM121 or GEN101 must be completed by B.S. in Business Management or Health Care Management students.


GEN102 Introduction to Literature 5
GEN103 Interdisciplinary Humanities 5
GEN111 Survey of Western Music 5
GEN113 Survey of Art of the Western World 5
GEN116 Science Fiction 5
GEN122 On Location: The Mystery Novel 2
HU100 Introduction to Humanities 4
HU121 Film in Society+ 4
HU122 Film in Western Life+ 5
HU130 Spanish I 4
HU150 Introduction to Literature 4
HU200 Art in the Modern World 4
HU310 The Novel 4
HU315 World Literature 4

+ Note: Students may not take both HU121 and HU122.


GEN106 Contemporary Social Problems 5
GEN108 Introduction to Psychology 5
GEN114 Introduction to Archaeology 5
GEN117 Adult Development & Aging 5
PSY126 Child & Adolescent Development 5
PSY222 Interpersonal Relations 5
PSY223 Abnormal Psychology 5
PSY314 Psychology of Addictions 5
SS103 Global Citizenship 2
SS130 Law in Society 4
SS140 Interpersonal Relations 4
SS145 Introduction to Macroeconomics 4
SS200 Introduction to Microeconomics 4
SS205 Sociology 4
SS210 Developmental Psychology 4
SS311 Human Behavior 4
SS331 International Economics 4
SS360 Abnormal Psychology 4


BIO124 Principles of Biology I 5
BIO224 Principles of Biology II 5
CHM125 General Chemistry I 5
CHM127 Organic Chemistry 5
CHM226 General Chemistry II 5
CHM228 Organic Chemistry II 5
GEN104 Humans in their Biological 5
GEN107 Chemistry in Our World 5
GEN110 College Algebra 5
GEN115 Environmental Science 5
NS112 Topics in Mathematical Reasoning 4
NS116 College Algebra I 4
NS120 Earth Science 5
NS135 Microbiology 4
NS140 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
NS150 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
NS216 College Algebra II 4
NS301 Statistics I 5
NS350 Statistics II 5

Please refer to program layout pages, as some classes listed as General Education classes may be requirements in specific programs. The above listing is for all General Education classes offered at DBU.




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