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Accreditation Notice:
DBU had been accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) until December of 2016 when ACICS was no longer recognized by the Department of Education. DBU has a Program Participation Agreement with the Department of Education until June of 2018 to give the school time to find a new Accrediting agency to maintain eligibility to receive funds under Title IV, HEA programs, and that if the we do not obtain accreditation within the 18 month period, DBU would no longer be eligible to receive funds under Title IV, HEA programs. The final date of expiration would be June 30, 2018. Any student at the DBU who has complaint relating to the Title IV eligibility or administration, the quality of education received at the institution, or otherwise relating to the accreditation standards of its former accrediting agency can submit that complaint to DBU/or any of the following: the Department’s Students Complaint website, the State authorizing authority (MHESO), the State Attorney General, the State Office of Consumer Affairs.



Accreditation Notice







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